Unique Gifts Shopping

If you are in need of a nice but not too costly gift for a birthday, graduation, shower, or wedding, we can meet your needs at our online gift store.

If you are thinking of decorating your walls with something unique, check out our line of beautiful deco panels.

If you love the smell of our citrus oils, like ginger orange, grapefruit orange and lemon eucalyptus bergamot.

If you love things that have birds on them, you will fall in love with our black bird deco panels.

When you become a Scentsy independent consultant, you will be a business owner with a life changing opportunity.

We offer our globes with a more traditional wooden base, and we also offer a contemporary styled round metal stand for our modern globe customers.

You can hang a Scentsy circle in the flavor of your choice in any room, including your closet, to make it smell good.

Many of the items on our site would be great for someone who likes to collect groups of things, like our many different styles of Galileo thermometers.

We have a selection of beautiful kaleidoscopes that make great gifts for executives or for just about anyone on your holiday gift shopping list.

Bird lovers need not look any further because our wonderfully creative black bird deco panels will make your room into something special.

You can improve the softness of your clothes with our clothing conditioner that smells wonderful.

We offer many items to help you decorate your home on the inside and your outdoor areas where you and your family relax.

Wax warmers can be made of a base with a low level light bulb that melts the wax to let off a fragrance in your home.

The Scentsy diffusers are beautiful containers that spread your favorite fragrance by turning water into a beautifully find micro mist to freshen your air.

The best candles you can buy are not candles at all but wickless candle warmers with the scent of your choice.

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